Monday Morning You Sure Look Fine....

At Perfect TShirt we like to start Mondays' feeling like we already won the week - and what better way is the feeling of getting a great deal.  

Handcrafted t-shirts sold at better prices are already enough to get excited about, but taking it a step further by dropping new limited-edition offers every Monday, every week, all year long surely changes manic Mondays to winning Mondays. 

From the start, we wanted to offer you, our members, something special every single week, and Monday was the perfect day to do that. We want you to start your week in a winning mood - we all know Monday mornings set the tone.  

Each week follows a different offering available only to our members: one week it could be a new color, or a knock your socks off deal.

High demand items quickly sell out and stock is limited.

Check your emails on Monday at 10:00 am for the "Monday Drop"