Perfect TShirt Care Instructions

Not Just A T-Shirt, But An Investment

Extending the life of our tees is crucial when it comes to lowering the environmental footprint of our garments and ensuring they don't end up clogging landfill sites.  We encourage, as an alternative to washing your tees using chemical ingredient laundry detergent, you wash your Perfect TShirts using less harmful chemicals and energy.

Perfect TShirts are made to last and are sustainably simple to take care of:   you just need (natural) soap and (cold) water. Give it a wash and hang to dry, ding dong done! 

The effort is about the same - it's just less expensive and more environmentally friendly to keep harmful chemicals that wash out of laundry detergents out of your local ecosystems. If you decide to use a washing machine, make sure that you opt for a delicate or gentle wash cycle (which is similar to hand washing).

Now is your chance to help. When you invest in sustainable quality clothing, you are helping to break the fast-fashion cycle. When you take proper care of your Perfect TShirts, you're helping to reduce pollutants in your local ecosystems and using less energy to clean your clothes.  

 Join us in our endeavour to leave the world a better place than how we found it - doing better for your clothes, your skin and our planet.

Eco-Conscious Manufacturing